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Tree Service

Tree Service | Accurate Tree Service - Neptune, NJ

You want your yard to be the best on the block; you have spent countless hours getting it to perfection. After removing some bushes and trimming the others, you are left with an unsightly pile of brush and debris. And then there are the trees desperately in need of a tree service. Finding a reliable tree service can seem daunting at times. If you are in Neptune, NJ or Monmouth County you are in luck! Accurate Tree Service has been delivering your township superb service for 40 years. We offer a wide range of tree care services.

If you are looking for a uniformed appearance for your trees, in addition to pruning and trimming, tree topping will grant you the results you desire. Tree topping is the process of removing the upper branches or “top” of the tree. This tree service is sometimes a necessary procedure if the tree poses a risk to your home or utility wires. Our team will remove the top of the tree with as little damage as possible. Certain types of trees can bounce back after being topped so regular tree maintenance is required.

Once a tree is removed, there is always the question of what to do with the stump. Allowing the stump to remain causes obstacles on your landscape and can attract unwanted infestations. The craft savvy individual might carve a garden gnome or transform it into a table. But for the rest of us, getting rid of it is the optimal choice. Accurate Tree Service offers both stump removal and grinding tree service. We take pride in removing the most stubborn stumps with the strongest and deepest roots.

Trees aren’t the only thing we remove from your property. Yard debris is unappealing and not easy to remove; the trash company won’t pick it up and going to the land field is inconvenient. Turning your debris into wood chips using our “chipper” is a breeze. You can use the chippings to add to your landscape, and if you need more, we’ll give it you for free! Now is the time to get the tree service you need. We will answer all of your tree care questions and provide outstanding service, so pick up the phone and give us a call!

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